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Talent Incubation

To actively promote the benign circle of industry-academia research integration, A&H adopts a unique talent cultivation mechanism. It vertically achieves reasonable structural arrangements, improves the talent structure of the team, horizontally subdivides different research groups, provides multi-disciplinary, multi-category cross-collaboration. It has also reached talent cultivation agreements with several advanced universities and research institutions in China, offering various internship positions and apprenticeship opportunities. This not only provides talent sources for A&H International Cosmetics' independent research but also brings cutting-edge market dynamics to the beauty and makeup academic circles. Both complement each other, forming a vibrant talent incubation landscape.

  • Reasonably structured Talent Teams

    The company employs an innovative talent cultivation model where each segmented research field has independent research teams led by academic leaders holding doctoral degrees, overseeing the research and development of the entire team. Each team is equipped with dedicated research assistants, ensuring a balanced mix and rational allocation of research and development talents.

    Reasonably structured Talent Teams
  • Professional Training Programs

    The company has multiple research departments such as the Natural Product Research Group, Biological Fermentation Research Group, Powder Cosmetics Research Group, Skin Research Institute, Ex Vivo Efficacy Research Group, Clinical Testing Research Group, Physical and Chemical Analysis Research Group, and Technical Support Group. This setup allows for the cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary training of young employees, maximizing the enhancement of their skills and professional knowledge.

    Professional Training Programs