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Brand Story
A Company with Warmth, where Anything is Possible
We are a company guided by warm principles and firmly believe that anything is possible. So we are committed to creating a harmonious work environment, offering opportunities and growing space for our employees. We encourage our employees to dream big and pursue excellence to achieve their personal goals. Because we believe everyone can do their best when they meet favourite things. So, whoever you are, if you're willing to chase for beautiful dream, we will be glad to offer you chances to work with us. Let's create a hopeful future together!
  • 2006: Establishment of the first factory
    Zhejiang Huasheng Cosmetics Company
    Began cosmetics production
  • Encountered a massive crisis
    Due to weak technology
    We faced the brink of collapse
  • Fortunately, we received unwavering support from employees
    And we enhanced technology, improved formulations, invested enormous resources for experiments and research
    Finally, A&H International Cosmetics survived
  • When we faced a sudden fire incident and, led by senior employees
    we successfully conducted safe and rapid evacuation
    This unity and spirit of dedication are crucial reasons for A&H International Cosmetics' current achievements
  • A&H International Cosmetics showcases the Chinese speed in the global beauty industry
    With exceptional agility and responsiveness,
    we earned reputation and trust in the market
  • After 17 years of hard work
    A&H International Cosmetics has become a leading ODM company in China
    "A&H International Cosmetics People" will continue to grow with the beauty industry of humanity