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Corporate Culture
  • Strategic Objectives

    Become one of the top three global cosmetics ODM providers in five years

  • Vision

    Bring more value to beauty lovers worldwide

  • Values

    Respect, Inclusiveness, Fairness, Justice, Transparency

  • Mission

    Make all global cosmetic brands accept, recognize, and respect us

Talent Recruitment
  • Head of Skincare Department

    Job Description

    1. Develop medium and long-term strategic plans and R&I projects according to the company's development.

    2. Formulate monthly, quarterly, and annual R&I work plans and training plans.

    3. Supervise and inspect the work progress of the department and provide guidance and assistance.

    4. Summarize completed results and make specific improvement measures for shortcomings.

    5. Understand new technologies, raw materials, industry development information, and promote new product development and technological innovation.

    6. Summarize new product R&I experience, improve and optimize old products to enhance cosmetics quality and continuously improve product performance.

    7. Strong team management capabilities, leading the team to achieve company performance growth

    Job Requirements

    1. Master's degree or above in fine chemicals, applied chemistry, chemical analysis, biology, or related fields; Ph.D. preferred.

    2. At least 15 years of experience in skincare research and development in the cosmetics industry with a certain influence.

    3. Background in major companies, extensive experience in skincare formula development, at least 8 years of management experience.

    4. Possess management, analytical, communication skills, innovative spirit, and a sense of responsibility.