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A&H Academics

A&H International Cosmetics collaborates with multiple domestic universities and research institutes to jointly conduct basic research on cosmetics raw material development and skin efficacy. It is committed to developing and applying natural raw materials with Chinese characteristics. Simultaneously, it delves deep into researching the skin mechanism of Chinese individuals, promoting the swift integration of new technologies, projects, and fields of research with the cosmetics industry. This perfect synergy fosters the combination of industry, academia, and research, creating greater value for A&H International Cosmetics.

  • Industrialization research of aquatic products in cosmetics

    Application research of algae in cosmetics

  • Research on fermented skincare products

    Application of traditional Chinese medicine formulations in cosmetics

    Transdermal absorption research of traditional Chinese medicine

    Efficacy component research of medicinal plants in cosmetics

    Development of natural active ingredient raw materials

    R&I of natural cosmetics

  • Research on active ingredients related to skin aging

    Ex vivo research on whitening efficacy

    R&I of innovative raw materials for efficacy cosmetics